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Mothers Day Bliss

But I have to concede that I was very wrong about my teenage girls. They spoilt me rotten, with beautiful and very personal gifts - totally from the heart (and each very unique and appreciative)....... 

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Visionary Tree

Saw this beautiful, visionary tree at the J Noosa. What a beautiful idea - a testament to the youth of today (our future leaders) and a beautiful way to harness ideas and dreams for future generations - love it!......

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Noosa International Food and Wine Festival

Had an awesome day at the Noosa International Food & Wine Festival. What an awesome and well run event..........

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Ravioli Genovese

My first attempt at homemade pasta!! ............

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Future planning.

I've been so caught up in working, for my future, that I've lost me and my story, in the process. My days are so busy and so taken up by present day "crisis management" that I feel as if those I deal with have no idea who I am, where I come from (apart from my accent, of course) and what I believe in, or value.....

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Set Ascending Direction

Good afternoon 

I have just purchased 2 of your products the pesto and parsley and the Thai sweet chilli TOPPERS.  I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent product I purchased at IGA Bribie island I don't normally acknowledge a product but this was most worthy of a comment


- Judith