There is a distinct buzz in my house, as my youngest plans for Mothers Day.

He is counting the hours and has planned to make me something that represents our "special times" together (no doubt, it will be made out of lego - his passion and speciality at the moment) as well as a mothers day breakfast, served, in bed.

Its melts my heart, to see that I am appreciated and loved (despite the regular insults and tantrums, at homework and bath-time) and even if I tend to be rather grumpy and short of patience, daily - despite my constant intentions not to be so! (That's the hard thing about being a Mum - no matter how hard you try, there is always obvious room for improvement).

My older two don't have such ambitious plans for Mothers Day. They are more interested in whether Mothers Day will mean we get to go somewhere for an expensive family lunch - where they can dress up in new clothes (bought today, while they shop "for Mom") and try out some new hairstyles or make-up techniques (and then, if we do go for lunch, they can spend the entire time glued to their i-devices, as they do!).  I'm constantly amazed how girls, the day they turn 13, go through some sort of teenage osmosis and change from the sweet, organised, caring daughters they once were, into messy, self-centred, obnoxious and narcissistic trolls..................... Can we blame this ALL on hormones..... or the internet?

Anyway, back to the plans........

I have a totally different idea - I would like to do something active and healthy (that doesn't cost the earth), with my special people. - I'm on a constant mission to get my family outdoors and active (much to my teenagers horror). Last year I planned a family bike ride, followed by a picnic - which turned into the kids staying home and watching their computer screens (which was, conveniently, blamed on the weather), while my hubby and I went for a bike ride. Once the wake-up greeting was done and the gifts (purchased by my hubby) were presented, my girls felt that they had completed their Mothers Day duties and my hubby was left to do the dishes etc, all day.

Back to my plans - I want to be out of the house, so that I don't have to view the devastation after the mothers day breakfast  and also, so that I don't have to see the full wash basket, messy teenage bedrooms and dusty surfaces (Monday is dusting day!), as tomorrow is well and truly my day off!

I have plans of for a long bush or mountain walk (3 hours, at the least) with happy children in tow (no arguments or competitions), looking at the trees, birds and views (with a positive attitude)......... and maybe a good cup of coffee afterwards (no gifts, no ceremony, just a good, happy family day - outdoors). A girl can but dream - the reality is that it looks like its going to rain and teenagers are teenagers, so a day without a sulk, electronic device or grump probably won't be possible ........ and siblings are siblings - so a day without a fight probably won't be possible either.

So, I think I will just count my blessings.  I have 3 healthy children (who do love me - at times) a gorgoeous husband (who also loves me - most of the time) and that, even though things are not perfect, life is good.............. and tomorrow I get to have the day off (no cooking, no cleaning, no laundry, no admin catchup) and maybe, just maybe, I will get a loving hug from my kids - now what more can a girl (or mother) ask for?

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