Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to attend a local food and decor fair. I loved this little mobile coffee shop (set up in a shipping container) and it got me thinking about decorating small spaces..........

Traditionally we have always learnt that to make a small space or room appear bigger, you need to stick to light colours, or predominantly white walls and simple decor pieces.

This is true, but I believe we don't necessarily need to disguise small areas or try and make them look bigger, but rather learn to enjoy and encompass them.

As in the container coffee shop, what makes the area work is the detail and the scale. Interest is created through the use of dark walls (brick and wood inlays) and metal accents. You are tempted to enter and enjoy the area (and leave the large, "open" world behind).

The smallness has become appealing, rather than something we need to disguise and move away from.

Make features out of your small spaces and enjoy their uniqueness. Add bright colours or detailed accents.

Create contrasts with your larger areas. - If your  home is predonimantly white, create a darker corner, or if your living area is tiled, add a wood feature inlay.

Learn to make your small space work for you and be brave and bold.


We all need a small refuge -  somewhere to "hide"; to read, relax or just be.

Add a bit of soul to your small space and enjoy every moment you spend there.

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