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Egg & Soldiers, belladotti style

I thought you might like this ..................

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Home-made chocolate caramel ice-cream (the old fashioned way).

The ice-cream was delicious and so easy to make (which we did together - my girls and I).........

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Scrambled eggs with an edge.

I know I probably shouldn't be promoting other peoples products, but when its a product that's this good and also made by a local company I feel absolutely no hesitation in doing so!........

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Capsicum and Parmesan Dip

Last night we were invited to dinner at some very dear friends' house.

I offered to bring some nibbles and, in line with my desire to eat healthily (and entice my kids to do the same), I decided to take along a platter of carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, dolmades, olives, a few smelly cheeses (one has to have a small indulgences!.....

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Sugar & wheat free choc-fudge treats

I just have to share this delicious (yet healthy) recipe.... I made them last weekend and my kids loved them in their lunch boxes (and I felt like Super-mum because I knew they weren't loaded with sugar)..... 

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Set Ascending Direction

Good afternoon 

I have just purchased 2 of your products the pesto and parsley and the Thai sweet chilli TOPPERS.  I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent product I purchased at IGA Bribie island I don't normally acknowledge a product but this was most worthy of a comment


- Judith