I know I probably shouldn't be promoting other peoples products, but when its a product that's this good and also made by a local company I feel absolutely no hesitation in doing so!

This is one of my all time favourite breakfasts - and, along with being simply delicious, it is easy and a great protein-packed way to start the day.

I make my "world famous" or so my family says, scrambled eggs (with farm fresh, free range eggs and a dash of milk and butter - cooked till they are still very moist) and serve on a bed of fresh, cos lettuce leaves and top with spring onions (freshly picked and chopped, from my garden....... of course) BUT the secret is Bundaberg Prawn Farm Prawn Sauce, which I generously sprinkle over the eggs. (Notice how my bottle is already empty!)

Delicious - zesty, crunchy prawn flavour and home cooked eggs................... A great way to start the day with no carbs, nasty preservatives or colourings - absolute luxury!

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