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Make your Salads - Salad’sational!

Salad Toppers are a delicious, quick and convenient way to add flavor and crunch to your salads. They are also great as a tasty, crispy topping for dips, BBQ’s, stir fry’s, roasted veggies, grilled fish and, of course, soups.

Salad Toppers are all naturally flavoured, with no nasty additives or chemicals. 100% Australian grown almonds are lightly roasted and then flavoured with natural flavors, developed, in Australia, exclusively for Salad Toppers. The entire range of Salad Toppers is packed locally on the Sunshine Coast.

Once tried, we know you will be back for more – and with Salad Toppers, the opportunities for tasty, zesty garnishes are endless - Be inspired, with Salad Toppers.

Winter will never be the same again...

Belladotti Soup Croutons are guaranteed to add crunch and flavor to your soups (in fact, many customers tell us they prefer the croutons to the soup and only “add” the soup to create a reason to enjoy our delicious, tasty croutons.)

Belladotti Soup Croutons, are guaranteed to keep their crunchiness for a minimum of 3 minutes in hot soup.

Go on, we dare you to take the 3-minute-crunch test!

Pasta Toppers - Mama’sational!

Belladotti Pasta Sauce Mixes are the no fuss, quick and convenient way to create a tasty, pasta sauce - in minutes. Perfect for busy cooks.

This versatile pasta mix can be used as a base for your own sauce, or eaten on its own. Either way, its nothing but all natural, dried ingredients, so you’re assured of no nasty preservatives, additives or colorings.

Great for Camping, Great for Convenience - Just great!

Super Goodness, Super Crunch, Super Flavour.

Belladotti Super Salad Seeds are an innovative and delicious mix of lightly roasted sunflower and sesame seeds, with added super seeds and tasty bites, all delicately infused with natural flavours - the perfect crunchy addition to your salads, smoothies and more (or simply enjoy as a wholesome, guilt free snack).

Sunflower and sesame seeds are a good source of vitamin E and B1, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium and dietary fibre – great for digestion, immune support and heart health. They also have cholesterol-lowering effects and contain antioxidants.

Anything simpler would be for the birds!